Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fleur de Sel

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M. Gilles Fleur de Sel First Harvest Sea Salt...$13.99 / 5.4oz jar
Fleur de Sel is a natural, hand-harvested sea salt from Brittany, France. Gathered daily throughout the summer, the salt retains its original moisture, white color and briny taste. This salt, by artisan salt producer M. Gilles Hervy, is stellar. Use on grilled steaks or fresh tomatoes, or blended into mashed potatoes for a crunchy burst of flavor.

Ingredients: sea salt from Guerande

Why You Should Be Using Fleur De Sel Instead of Regular Table Salt
Foodies and big-time chefs like Thomas Keller go crazy for fleur de sel.
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15 Lessons from 20 Years of the French Laundry
One of the things I learned from Thomas is to always finish food with a little fleur de sel. He loves that texture and crunch. He actually carries around a box of salt: I saw him pull it out when I was the chef at New York City’s Café Boulud and I served him fried chicken. After that, I always sent sea salt out with his food so he could adjust it to his taste. —Gavin Kaysen
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