Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mikkeller Spontan Flavors

Mikkeller Spontan Sour Cherry...$11.99 / 375ml
In the spontan series we present Spontansourcherry– this time, forming an alliance with sour cherries that were generously added underway the brewing process, creating a truly unique and distinct, sour beer.

Aged at our barrel house in Belgium.

- Spontaneous fermented beer
- BA in oak barrels
- ABV: 7,7 %

Plus these new flavors arrived

Mikkeller Spontan Green Apple...$11.99 / 375ml
Mikkeller Spontan Mango...$11.99 / 375ml
Mikkeller Spontan Passionfruit...$11.99 / 375ml
Mikkeller Spontan Watermelon...$11.99 / 375ml
Watermelon, Passionfruit, Green Apple, Mango
These fruits have found their way into the new special edition Mikkeller Sours just in from the brewery! The new spontanbeers are fresh and fruity while still maintaining that sour edge…

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