Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2nd Shift Barrel aged LSD

We should see more KATY on Friday.  Many have been asking.  
The Vanilla versions are not ready yet.    The release will not happen until at least September 21st.  At that point we will see if the Vanilla versions are close enough or if we will release them separately.

We will release these through BRC.   We want to thank 2nd Shift Brewing for doing these limited releases for a heavy portion of this release will be based on your 2nd Shift purchases in the BRC.  Because without support of their amazing "regular" beers, they could not do these small batches!

We will base it on March 1, 2015  through release date on your 2nd Shift purchases until September 19th for sure - we might push it back still.

4 barrels at 2nd Shift....two Four Roses, a Knob Creek and one High West....

Here is the plan....plans could change....but....

2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD
2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD with Blueprint Coffee
2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD with VANILLA!!
and 2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD with Coffee and Vanilla!!

Lets hope all goes to plan!!

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