Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Side Project Anabasis and and Merci updates

If you have not been to The Side Project Cellar yet - check it out
Best beer bar in the area!

The next label for The Wine and Cheese Place preview....
This is the beer that Jason S. picked the name for in our name the beer contest!  No release date yet.  Stay tuned.   Label is not official yet. 

Side Project Anabasis Barrel Aged Barleywine
Our Barleywine was brewed with American malts and hops, but fermented with a strong English Ale strain. So far, 14% ABV Barleywine has been aging for ?? months in a Wine and Cheese Place Blanton's barrel. Rich mahogany in color with tawny port aromatics and smooth vanilla, graham cracker finish.

Side Project Merci Blend #1 is blend of Saison du Ble and a 2 year old American Wild Ale
Thanks to Cory and Karen!!

Here is the plan...details could is the idea we are floating right now...
  • Cory said he is labeling and waxing the bottles this week sometime!
  • We will then get together and pick a date for the release in January 2015!
  • Get ready BRC members, this will be released through the BREWard Club!  
  • We will do a release party and tasting with Cory King (owner and brewer of Side Project) when it arrives.
  • We will be getting 300 bottles.  So if you have been a member of the BRC and have not gotten any releases, we will make it further down the list with this exciting beer!
  • We are thinking of having a pre-release tasting party for top BRC supports at The Side Project Cellar mid week and then the official release on Friday at The Wine and Cheese Place.

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