Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TWCP Beer Reward Club

The Wine and Cheese Place
Beer Reward Club - "BRC"

Important:  If you order online for pickup, you still need to give your phone number when you pick up to pay at the checkout.  Your sales do not register automatically.  They are added to your stats when you pay at pickup.  When you get your receipt, make sure your name appears at the top of the receipt (then you know it has been added to your stats).

We have been listening to customers about how to release the limited allocated beers more fairly.  We have been working with our system and we now have a way to reward frequent shoppers.

We will play with the system a little at the beginning to see what works best.   We can reward based on dollars spent, or based on number of units purchased.    Some releases we can base it on support of a particular brand.  Like KBS will go to the top supporters of Founders first.  

We will give this a try and see how it works. It will give us a way to release beers without crashing our system like

  • Founders KBS
  • Goose Island limited beers
  • Side Project Beers
  • 4 Hands limited beers
  • Deschutes Mirror Mirror...
  • Firestone Walker Subaca and Parabola
  • Prairie Artisan Ale Bible Belt
  • 2nd Shift limited beers
  • TWCP Barrel Aged Beers 
  • and so on

There is no charge to join, all we need to set you up in our system is your
Name, Phone number, email address and which store would like to pick up normally. You can shop at any and all of our stores and it will accumulate under your one account.  But just let us know which store you would like your allocated beers to be picked up from.  Whenever you come in and shop at any of our locations or online, just give your phone number at the register and your purchases will be added to your account. 

You can sign up in the store, but it would be better if you email:
Sign up now:
Email with the title "BRC"
Email, name, phone number, email address, and store you would normally like to pick up from.  That way I will confirm back with an email and you will have less of a chance of notifications going to your spam box when allocated beers come out.  

Remember, when you buy beer, tell the cashier your are a member and give them your phone number so that your purchases will count towards your account!

Eventually, we will add more features for club members like special sales and discounts.

Questions that came up:
1. What sales time frame will the allocated beers be based on? 
For each release, we will decide how long to go back to reward.  It might be sales for the last two months, maybe the last 3 months.   Sometimes we will do longer time frame to reward long time customers.   We will rotate it a bit.  We might do it random by rolling a dice for the number of months to base the sales on.

2. Do only beer purchases count towards your account?
This we will have to decide on still.   I think in the beginning it will be beer only.  The more beer we sell, the more allocated beer we get.  If this system works out, we might also start a whiskey version.   

3. not really a question, but something else I thought of...
I will do my best to give warning on which method we will use.  Like for KBS, which we know the release date every year, I will post and email to all club members that starting on this certain date until the release date, that the KBS release will be based on Founders sales.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the Stickee Monkey?

Paul Hayden said...

Will not be today, apparently. soon.

Angie C. said...

I've been a member for quite some time and do not receive emails about beer releases. Is this new or could there be something wrong with my account?

Paul Hayden said...

Angie, send me an email with your info and I can check out your account.

Anonymous said...

Will those with more points have better chance of being selected for the rare beers? What is the point system for? Thanks

Paul Hayden said...

If we get 100 bottles then the top 100 people with the most points get allocated a bottle.