Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Oak Aged Cider!

Thatcher's Green Goblin Oak Aged Cider...$4.49 / pint
Green Goblin OAK-RAGEOUSLY OAK-AGED cider!

Green Goblin is a 'full bittersweet' style of cider, using all English cider apples, including Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak varieties. The apples mostly come from West Country orchards, managed much as they always have been, including the arrival of the bees in the spring to pollinate the blossom in the trees.

The apples are harvested in September and are pressed in our cider mill to extract the juice, which is then taken to the vat house. In a carefully controlled environment, fermentation is instigated by the introduction of a selected yeast. Once fermented the cider is transferred to oak vats for maturation.

Green Goblin Cider is aged in 100-year-old oak vats, which gives it a unique character and flavour. Once the matured ciders have been combined and blended into the finished cider it is ready for drinking.

As a company Thatchers combines the latest modern innovations and technology alongside original recipes and techniques used in the 1900s.

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