Saturday, March 22, 2014

London Vodka - Gold Medal winner

London Vodka....$13.99 / 750ml
Aroma:  Rich, full-bodied, clean, with distinctive aromas of grains and cracked pepper spirit note tingle.
Taste:  A touch of sweetness to the very clean, soft mouthful, with slight grain notes and black pepper.
Finish:  Clean, crisp finish, with a lively cracked black pepper tingle.

Gold Medal Winner

Following a rigorous assessment by ISC (a highly controlled process held over seven days of intense blind tastings by a panel of 50 international industry professionals) London Vodka was chosen as an “Excellent product of superb standard” and officially recognised as one of the best tasting vodkas in the world.  London Vodka deservedly represents the pinnacle of the British vodka-making tradition.  Produced exclusively from the finest East Anglia wheat and quadruple distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity, it is the authentic expression of a quintessentially British vodka.  Completely additive-free and blended with purest English water, London vodka combines a century of spirits producing expertise with an uncompromising commitment to its unique, authentic recipe and production method.  These are the features that give London Vodka exclusive privilege and pride to be «wearing the Union Jack».

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