Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Imbue Petal and Thorn Aperitif Wine

Imbue Petal and Thorn Aperitif Wine...$26.99 /750ml
Petal & Thorn is a hand crafted contradiction with elements of both beauty and beast. The feminine aromas as well as the delectably pleasing sweetness are corseted by a robust and beastly bitter finish.  In everything we do we strive to find balance; even when the beast is gnarly and the beauty is seductive as hell, we’ll find a way to give you both.

Tasting notes:
Striking feminine aromas of chamomile and orange-peel waft from the glass, with more orange, pine, and cinnamon on the palate. A broad silky texture and pleasing sweetness lend weight to the mouth feel, before ultimately giving way to the assertive Amaro-inspired, bitter finish.
Base wine:
Oregon Grown Pinot gris
Oregon Grown Pinot gris Brandy Distilled at Portland’s Clear Creek Distillery. Botanicals: Ten dried raw Botanicals (Organic whenever possible) and Oregon Grown Beets to give Petal & Thorn it’s enchanting color.

The Heart of Bond
1.5 oz Petal & Thorn
.75 oz Navy Strength Gin
.5 oz Vodka
Up with Lemon Twist

The Italian Job
1.5 oz Petal & Thorn
1 oz Italian Amaro
.75 oz Dry Gin
Up with Orange Twist

Strange Bedfellows
1.5 oz Petal & Thorn
1.5 oz Cognac
2 oz Soda
On the Rocks with a Lemon Twist

2 oz Petal & Thorn
2 oz Soda Water
1 oz Sanbitters
On the Rocks with a Wheel of Orange

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