Saturday, February 8, 2014

El Dorado Rum Single Barrel - Limited release

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Limited  - Single Barrel Releases!
El Dorado Single Barrel Rum EHP...$69.99
A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the old Enmore Estate founded nearly 200 years ago.  EHP was the marque used by the distillery attached to this sugar estate founded by Edward Henry Porter. His original Wooden Continuous Coffey Still, used to produce this unique rum, is the last surviving one operating in the world today.
This distinctive medium bodied spirit, aged in small batches, owes its delicate aromatic character to this original process and to its maturation in oak barrels in the perfect warehouse conditions of 30°-34°C.
Tasting Notes:  Butterscotch nose blended with roasted coconut and apple. An initial taste of baked peach and coconut with a smoky cedar finish. Excellent mouth feel.

El Dorado Single Barrel Rum PM...$69.99
A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the Port Mourant Estate, one of the oldest in the world.  PM was the signature marque used to identify rums from this estate, founded in 1732. Their original Double Wooden Pot Still, the only one of its kind operating in the world today, continues to be used to produce this small batch El Dorado heritage rum.
The age-old wood of this original still contributes to the heavy-bodied, aromatic character of this rum, which was originally the preferred choice of the British Royal Navy.
Tasting Notes:   An aroma of sweet baked apples mixed with cinnamon, flambée banana and coconut. An initial taste of white spice and toffee with a toffee finish.

El Dorado Single Barrel Rum ICBU...$69.99
A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the eighteenth century Uitvlugt Estate.
This estate on the Demerara River lends its ICBU Marque to this superb small batch rum. Its original continuous four column French Savalle Still continues to be used to produce this special rum.   Single Barrel ICBU combines a pronounced, sweet sugar-cane nose with a dry, medium-bodied flavour – characteristics unmatched by any other distiller.
Tasting Notes:  Experts described it as possessing a rich aroma of sweet cigar smoke, an initial taste of smoky tobacco with a roasted cinnamon apple finish.

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