Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bittercube Bitters

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Bittercube Door County Hop Bitters...$9.99 / 1oz bottle
Limited batch release.  Bright and aromatic made with fresh Chinook and Cascade Hops exclusively from Door Peninsula Hops.

Bittercube Blackstrap...$19.99 / 5oz
Full-bodied, with molasses, clove, sassafras and sarsaparilla aroma and flavors. Two types of molasses are utilized, a Double A grade and a Blackstrap Molasses. These sit perfectly atop egg white cocktails and provide intense aroma and visual appeal.
Application: Rum, Egg White Cocktails, Whiskey, Hot Cocktails.

Bittercube Bolivar...$19.99 / 5oz
Light and aromatic, with notes of chamomile, jasmine, cinnamon and dried fruits. An homage to an old recipe from a 19th century cocktail book, these are aromatic and extremely versatile due to the fact that they contain three types of spirits at the base.
Application: Champagne Cocktails, Whiskey Cocktails, Rum Cocktails.

Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla...$19.99 / 5oz
Aromatic and potent, with hints of cherry, cocoa and Madagascar vanilla. The cherry aroma comes from wild cherry bark, and from Syrian cherry pits. The bitters have an interesting aroma of cocoa and bitter almonds.
Application: Manhattans, Highballs, Old Fashioneds, Sours

Bittercube Jamaican #1...$19.99 / 5oz
Robust Jamaican Spice overtones, with hints of ginger and black pepper. These are extremely spicy, somewhat like an Allspice Dram. Being the most spice forward bitters, Jamaican #1 can be utilized in baking, marinades, and in vinaigrettes,
Application: Rum, rum, rum. Hot cocktails and punches.

Bittercube Jamaican #2...$19.99 / 5oz
Bright, with grapefruit and hibiscus overtones, and underlying island spice notes. The viscosity to the touch is a result of the added grapefruit molasses, which we create by using juice leftover after we add the peels to the mash.
Application: Rum cocktails – Daiquiri’s, Punches and Mojitos. Highballs, Old Fashioneds.

Bittercube Orange...$19.99 / 5oz
Citrus forward with aromas of caramelized orange, toasted coriander, and toasted cardamom. We double macerate the orange peels to make the orange flavor pop, and add burnt sugar at the end of the process to create a subtle carmelized orange flavor.
Application: Gimlets, Old Fashioneds, Mojitos, Beer, Highballs.

Bittercube Variety Pack...$49.99 / 6 - 1oz bottles
A Bartender’s Spice Rack. The Bittercube Variety Pack has one bottle of each variety of Bittercube Bitters. A variety pack equips its owner with an arsenal of flavors. Try one cocktail six ways to add variety to your standby libations. The Bittercube Variety Pack is also a unique gift and comes with a recipe card and info on how to get to the Bittercube online recipe database.

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