Sunday, November 17, 2013

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Single Malt Scotch

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Very rare scotches from Duncan Taylor
Dimensions is a super-premium collection highlighting the multi-dimensional nature of the Duncan Taylor Portfolio. The whiskies in this range vary from 10 year old single malts and grains up to 39 years of age.

The rarity of the Dimensions range is implicit. Each whisky is the product of a single cask, bottled at natural cask, bottled at natural cask strength and presented in a luxury carton. The provenance of each cask is featured on the label, including the origin of the spirit, distillation and bottling dates, cask number, the number of bottles and the individual bottle number.

The authentic characteristics of the spirit, cask and distillery environment have been preserved in the whisky by ensuring that all the whiskies in the range have been matured in the distillery warehouses, and by neither chilled-filtering nor artificially colouring the whisky. Thus the range has all the multi-dimensional characteristics of flavours and aromas that are true to the nature of their respective distilleries.

The breadth of the range is matched by the depth of the whisky. Cleanse your perception, test your senses, and unlock the dimensions.

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Cameronbridge 34 Year Old...$164.99
Single Grain Distilled at Cameronbridge
Distilled: August 1978
Bottled: August 2012
Cask: No.4
Bottles produced: 272
ABV:  54.6%

Duncan Taylor Dimensions North British 34 Year Old...$169.99
Single Grain Distilled and North British
Distilled: August 1978
Bottled: August 2012
Cask: No.39899
Bottles produced: 181

ABV:  54.7%

Duncan Taylor Dimensions Imperial 17 Year Old...$124.99
Distilled: May 1995
Bottled: July 2012
Cask: No.50057
Bottles produced: 259

ABV:  53.2%

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