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Gordon Macphail

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The MacPhail's Collection Highland Park 8yr 43%....$35.99
"Built in 1798, Scotland's most Northern distillery is set on the site where the infamous illicit distiller, Magnus Eunson's bothy used to stand. Highland Park continues to malt its own barley using the traditional floor malting method and to kiln dry the 'green' malt using peat cut from its own moorlands. One of the few distilleries where you can still see and smell smoke wafting from its pagoda. Cattie Maggie is the underground spring that feeds a former quarry close to Highland Park. The spring and quarry are named after a tinker who lived in the vicinity. The water is pure and very hard, rising through a sedimentary rock of hard sandstone."-- Gordon & MacPhail

The MacPhail's Collection Bunnahabhain 8yr 43%....$35.99
"Bunnahabhain Distillery was designed from the start as a high-output malt distillery. Built round a courtyard, in a style that resembles a Bordeaux chateau, the distillery today is little changed. It amalgamated with William Grant and Sons in 1887 to become part of the Highland Distillers group. During 1963 the number of stills were increased from 2 to 4. Bunnahabhain (meaning 'mouth of the river') shares its name with the village that grew up around it. In effect, development of the distillery created a community dependent upon it for employment. In doing so, an entire village emerged."-- Gordon & MacPhail

The MacPhail's Collection Tamdhu 8yr 43%.....$35.99
"Tamdhu Distillery was one of several to be built along the Strathspey railway line, which at one time played such an important part in the whisky industry. Originally built by a group of whisky blenders, ownership reverted to Highland Distillers a few years later. The old Knockando railway station was converted into an attractive visitors? centre and reception.The distillery operates its own saladin box maltings, which produces sufficient malt to supply both Tamdhu and other distilleries in the group." -- Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon and Macphail Caol Ila 10yr Islay....$59.99
Distilled August 1999
ABV = 46%
Bottles January 2011

Gordon and Macphail Glenburgie 15yr 43% $65.99
Gordon and Macphail Glenburgie 21yr 43% $151.99
Set close to the A96, near the village of Alves, lies Glenburgie Distillery which looks over the Moray Firth. The distillery was originally called Kilnflat, although in 1878 after a period of disuse, it was renamed Glenburgie. Nearby is Burgie Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. For a short while Glenburgie also produced another single malt, Glencraig. This was produced using Lomond stills and is available in our Connoisseurs Choice range.

One of the finest scotches I have tasted...
The MacPhails Collection Glenrothes 30yr....$189.99
ABV -  43%
First fill Sherry casks.

Sweet with malty notes and some wood oil aromas.
Initially cereal flavours followed by hints of chocolate and smoke.
Sweet Sherry notes and charred oak. More balanced with delicate aromas.
Smooth, creamy vanilla notes together with the Sherry influence.

Situated within the picturesque Spey valley, Rothes is home to five distilleries all tucked along the tiny main street - unbeknown to passing visitors. Amongst these is Glenrothes hidden in a small glen on the outskirts of the village. Today Glenrothes single malt is used as the heart of Cutty Sark blended whisky. Approaching the distillery your eyes are drawn to the right where the village graveyard stretches up the hill. As whisky matures it evaporates this is known as "the angels share". Feeding off the evaporated whisky is a black sooty fungus, which gives an eiry atmosphere to the place. The blackened grave stones under the shadows of tall trees surrounded by distillery buildings.

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