Thursday, April 9, 2009


Back after a long absence in St. Louis...the beers of Dupont..
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Saison Dupont....$7.99 / 750ml
"BRASSERIE DUPONT- Six or seven breweries make Saisons. The undisputed classic of the style is Saison Dupont. It comes from an artisanal brewery that is also a working farm (eggs are sold in the ‘executive’ offices!) and produces beers with exquisitely hand-made character, and unruly clumpy yeast. When Saison Dupont first arrived in this country, we had to do quite a bit of explaining about the look of the beer. The brewery has cultured their yeast for taste and aromatic qualities. Because Dupont basically only sells beer from the brewery, they haven't concerned themselves with developing a yeast that travels well. For the uninitiated, the look of the beer is daunting. However, the sweetest rewards await the adventurous.
Saison Dupont is a delight to the taste buds. Snappy, yeasty, with a clean, bright quality. The Dupont brewery is run by Marc Rosier (brewer) and his sister (microbiologist). They also operate the farm, and are interested in sustainable agriculture." -- importer

Rated 97 percentile on RateBeer with over 1,100 reviews!
Rated A- on Beer Advocate with over 700 reviews.

Dupont Foret Saison...$8.99 / 750ml
Bottle-Conditioned Organic Saison
ABV = 7.5%
"Saison Dupont ...They also operate the farm, and are interested in sustainable agriculture. This has led to Foret, a Saison beer that is the first certified organic beer in Belgium. Foret is 5% abv, has the recognizable house yeast character, but it is more angular in its taste." -- importer

"[Foret] is an unfiltered organic Belgian ale from this well respected artisan brewery...The nose is a complex blend of spices and fruit- coriander, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, figs, and a hint of toffee. In the mouth there are lots of phenols and esters adding lightness to the texture, with complex spicy malt and a subtle burning strength in the back of the throat. However, the strength is well disguised on the tongue- it is smooth and not too lively ( despite the 'pop' when pulling the cork ). Aftertaste is long, zesty, malty and spicy. This was for a long time the most interesting organic beer in the database, and is still one of the best. It's certainly well deserving of the World Beer Championships Top 10 award..." - Oxford Bottled Beer Database

100% Organically grown hops & barley - no pesticides - no chemicals - filtered Artesian well water
Rated A- on Beer Advocate
Rated 94 percentile on RateBeer

Moinette Blonde...$8.99 / 750ml
Abbey Tripel
Moinette Brune...$8.99 / 750ml
Abbey Dubbel
"Saison Dupont ... Moinette is their homage to the Abbey Style. It is stronger and darker and richer than Saison Dupont. A favorite at our tutored tastings." -- importer

Dupont Biere de Miel...$9.99 / 750ml
"Biere de Miel is bottle conditioned and contains only water, barley and wheat, honey, hops and yeast. It has a marvelously delicate scent of honey, balnaced by a dry palate, resulting in a beer that is both estery and refreshing." -- importer

"Brewed with Belgian honey. Pale yellow in color with a marvelous floral scent. A honeyed richness coaxes the palate into thinking beer is sweet but the finish is dry with a noticeable hop tang." -- Importer

"Dupont is endlessly inventive! Biere de Miel is a great example of a honey beer. Particularly wonderful with wild game." -- Garret Oliver, The Brewmaster's Table

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