Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Sol Luna Coffee Liqueur

Sol Luna Coffee Liqueur...$36.99 / 750ml
Coffee connoisseurs and whiskey aficionados alike will find something they love in Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey. Our goal is to bring people together and be the bridge between worlds: fresh coffee and aged bourbon, barista and bartender, day and night.
Brewed with specialty grade coffee and distilled with artisan ingredients and care, Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey combines these worlds and adds just a touch of raw sugar and kiss of star anise.
Specialty Grade Coffee
Hand-picked, single origin coffee intentionally sourced from San Agustin, Colombia and expertly roasted
Washed typica and caturra varieties / 1,600 - 1,900 masl / Huila department, Colombia

Barrel-Aged Bourbon
With notes of creme brulee, toffee, all spice, with a semi-syrupy mouthfeel and faint bitter chocolate aftertaste
63 yellow dent corn / 25% soft winter red wheat / 12% malted barley
Artisan Ingredients
Finished with a touch of whole star anise and turbinado sugar for balance and complexity
star anise infusion / unprocessed sugar

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