Monday, July 12, 2021

2020 Medimer Cotes de Thau Piquepoul

The new 2020 has arrived!
Great warm weather wine!

2020 Medimer Cotes de Thau Piquepoul...$13.99
Early morning picking and cold temperature fermentation to preserve freshness. Piquepoul is a grape that needs heat and sunshine to ripen nicely. However it requires cool temperature fermentation to express its crisp and powerful aromatic profile.
TASTING NOTES: It’s important to know that Piquepoul grows in a warm and dry climate, close to the Mediterranean sea. Its aromatic profile shows citrus and grapefruit, which pairs beautifully well with Mediterranean cuisine. The signature of the Piquepoul however is a slight saline minerality on the palate which makes it the perfect seafood match. It is a versatile food wine for everyday. Great on its own enjoying outside on the patio. Enclosed with a screw cap too.
They are considered the largest Thau Basin port, known for its white wines which pair perfectly with oysters is ideal for sipping outside on a terrace.

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