Friday, September 22, 2023

The Rare Amburana Wood!

The Rare Amburana Wood!
Hot commodity with Whiskey now!!  We have these in stock now!

Nulu Bourbon Amburana Missouri Exclusive...$84.99 / 750ml
Experimental Finish Series bourbon whiskey finished in Amburana barrels
  • Missouri Exclusive
  • Proof: 110.2
  • ABV: 55.1%
  • Age: 6 Years

Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey Amburana Barrel Finished...$59.99 / 750ml
50% ABV
Finished in Amburana Wood
We like the Amburana wood, it gives the whiskey a great cinnamon/baking spice quality. This wood is three times the price of oak. It gives the bourbon an exotic spicy flavor. You get hints of baking spices in this whiskey, it is phenomenal!

Rated 95/100 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

RD1 Spirits Finished with Brazilian Amburana Wood...$64.99 / 750ml
The best of baking spices – apple cinnamon, nutmeg and light brown sugar – come alive on the nose and are followed by pine, vanilla, peaches and apricots. Flavor galore with spice cake, and ginger snaps in a rich mouthfeel. Try a drop of water to open up hints of herbal black tea, dark berry jam and pineapple pepper. Finish is long and warm, and ends with allspice and sweet oak.
RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished With Brazilian Amburana Wood
"Dense and woodsy on the nose, with undercurrents of orange marmalade, dates in syrup, strawberry compote, and apple blossom. Luscious and slightly sweet on the palate, opulent touches of dried fig, burnt brown sugar, cigar smoke, and vanilla bean swirl together and last forever."
Rated 95/100 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Red Line Whiskey Co. Elements Amburana Bourbon....$59.99
Amburana Oak Barrels
  • Mash Bill: 75% Corn * 21% Rye * 4% Malted Barley
  • Distilled in Indiana
  • 103 Proof
  • Batch #MO-1
Non-Chil FillteredAllow us to introduce you to Red Line’s first small batch bourbon - Elements. The process begins by hand selecting our most compatible bourbons to be blended together and then finished in Amburana oak casks. These casks are the key components that create an unmistakable flavor profile. The native Brazilian wood commands a warmth and spice that shine through in every sip. Amburana wood adds aromas of baking spices, cinnamon and gingerbread. Hints of gingerbread and cinnamon meld together with other savory, herbal notes like clove and thyme to create a bourbon like no other. Remember, not all small batches are created equal - so whether you’re looking for a new favorite to sip on, or the perfect holiday drink, Elements has you covered.

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