Friday, July 28, 2023

Uruapan Charanda Blanco and Anejo Rum


Chardanda is still new to the U.S., it has only been exported to the United States starting just a few years ago.
So, what’s Charanda?
Charanda means "red soil".  It is a Mexican Rum from the state of Michoacan. 


Uruapan Charanda Blanco Rum...$24.99 / 1L
Charanda is an appellation of origin from the State of Michoacan, which means that no other place in the world can produce a sprits called Charanda. It denotes, in the native Purepecha language, the reddish soil of Michoacan. Uruapan is the name given to this superb spirit obtained through the distillation of the juice extracted from a particular variety of sugar cane, grown in this area of the country.

Uruapan Charanda Anejo Rum...$34.99 / 1L
This single blended rum is 50% estate grown cane juice distilled on a copper pot still, and 50% molasses distilled on a modified French style column still.

Uruapan Charanda Single Agricola Rum...$37.99 / 750ml
We would like to dedicate this unique label and traditional style Charanda to our great grandfather, Don Cleofas Murguia, who left our family the legacy and tradition of making this beautiful can distillate called "charanda"
  • 100% D.O/ Estate cane juice
  • open air wild fermented in wooden cats
  • wood fired copper pot still
  • elecation4, 180 FASL
  • Maestro Charandero  Lazaro Cortes 

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