Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Joel Falmet Champagne Les Parcelles Brut - HALF BOTTLES!

First time getting HALF BOTTLES of our top selling Champagne!

Joel Falmet Champagne Les Parcelles Brut...$27.99 / 375ml

Grower Champagne "RM" Récoltant-Manipulant
The grapes for this wine are all sustainably farmed. Joël is one of only a few producers to use a soléra system for his vin de reserve each vintage. As he pulls out wine from his vin de reserve, he adds a little wine back to his soléra. Currently it is a 12 year old soléra, which significantly adds to the depth and complexity of his Champagnes. Each vintage he blends 30% wine from the solera, with the current vintage. The “Parcelles” cuvée spends 42 months on the lees before disgorgement. Joël bottles his wine with a low, 9 grams per liter, dosage. 


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