Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Old Dominick Tennessee Whiskey

Another amazing whiskey superstar 
coming to The Wine and Cheese Place

Meet Alex Castle, Master distiller and get her autograph!
Tasting with Master Distiller Alex Castle of Old Dominick-Huling Station

Tomorrow - 
  • February 15th, Wednesday, 4-6pm
  • The Wine and Cheese Place
  • 195 Lamp and Lantern Village - Town and Country
She will be tasting the Tennessee whiskey for sure and a few others


Master Distiller Alex Castle describes herself as "a restless experimenter." Alex's drive to explore, innovate and experiment has resulted in carefully-crafted spirits that we're proud to offer. From our 44% rye bourbon mashbill to our use of the rare Honeybell orange to elevate vodka to something truly unique, we're always in pursuit of inventive ways to push beyond the usual—and into the extraordinary.

Old Dominick Tennessee Whiskey....$35.99
  • 85 Proof
  • Aged in West Tennessee White Oak
  • Heavy Char No 4
  • Mash Bill: 75% Corn - 13% Rye - 12% Malted Barley
  • Batch size: 6 barrels
  • Barrel entry: 110 proof
  • Aged: 4+ years
Since prohibition, no whiskey has been entirely distilled, barreled, matured and bottled in Memphis. Until now, that is.
Master Distiller Alex Castle's love letter to Tennessee clocks in at a minimum of four years old and 85 proof, and honors the long, proud tradition of Tennessee's signature whiskey style.

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