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Fondillon Luis XIV Alicante 25 Year Old

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Fondillon Luis XIV is made by Colección de Toneles Centenarios.
Colección de Toneles Centenarios is a newly created winery (2019)based on an interesting find: the barrel room of the Ferrero winery, an old winery that produced Fondillón wine, located in the town of Cañada (Alto Vinalopó), Alicante. Twenty-five old casks were forgotten there for over 60 years. They are launching some extremely old and also extremely expensive wines. The family still has 25 hectares of vineyards, from which they have resumed producing wines destined to produce Fondillón from 2017. This is a joint venture with Vins del Comtat. 

Fondillón is a rare and very prestigious wine. There are only 10 certified wineries and there are no cheap Fondillón.

Fondillon Luis XIV Alicante 25 Year Old....$109.99
  • CASK NAME: Saboners.
  • AGEING: Aged more than 25 years (single barrel).
  • TYPE OF WOOD: 19th-century American oak barrels
  • CASK SIZE: 70 “cántaros valencianos” (805 liters) and 600 liter “pipas” barrels
"Fondillón is an extraordinary treasure of Alicante, a rare product, made from late harvest, non-botrytised grapes, unfortified, but with a final alcohol of no less than 16%. Intense, aged, but not sweet (deliciously not more than 45g/l). Fab with cheese or dark chocolate. The wines have to be a minimum of 10 years; this release is more than 25 years. The project is a revival by David Carbonell of Vins del Comtat and two local families. Very limited quantities. - Sarah Jane Evans MW"
Rated 95/100 Decanter Magazine

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