Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Weber Haus Cachaca Extra Premium 5 year Solera

Weber Haus Cachaca 5 year...$67.99 / 750ml
Launch of Weber Haus distillery, cachaça Solera was aged for 5 years in American oak barrels. With different wooden toasts, barrels give personality and unique characteristics to the drink. Aged for 5 years in new barrels of American oak, Weber Haus's newest cachaça, Solera, was named after its storage process, in which the cachaça to be bottled is removed from the barrels closest to the ground. This process is nothing more than four rows of barrels stacked horizontally, in which the drink to be filled is removed from those that support the base of the pile, which are completed by those of the row above, and so on to the top. As the barrels used in the storage of Solera cachaça are new and with woods of different tostagens, this replacement method adds personality to the distillate with touches of vanilla, white chocolate and toasted coffee. "Solera cachaça is aged for 5 years in new oak barrels, in which each row has a specific tostagem. The mixture that is obtained by filling the barrels in this storage process gives Solera a unique flavor, in which one perceives in the palate notes of vanilla and toasted coffee". - explains Evandro Weber, CEO of Weber Haus. 

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