Saturday, June 11, 2022

Granada-Vallet Bitter Liqueur


    Monsieur Henri Vallet emigrated to Mexico from France during the brief reign of Maximilian, the ill-fated French monarch who was deposed by Mexican nationalists three short years after his 1864 ascent as Emperor of Mexico. Like other French émigrés of the era, Mnsr. Henri Vallet chose to remain in his adopted homeland, and by the 1880s had emerged as Mexico City’s preeminent distiller of liqueurs and elixirs, including Fernet-Vallet and Amargo-Vallet, that continue to be crafted today according to his specific recipes and formulation guidelines.

Granada-Vallet...$27.99 / 750ml 
     Granada-Vallet is an herbaceous bitter liqueur from Hidalgo, Mexico, inspired by traditional red Italian bitters. A pomegranate tartness with woody notes of gentian root, wormwood and cinchona is balanced with citrus accents of orange and kefir lime. Its beautiful color, redolent of sunset, is derived from Indigenous Oaxacan cochineal, culminating in this balanced, all-natural Mexican liqueur best served over ice or in your favorite craft cocktail.

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