Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Triple IPA 2022 Appearance

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Triple IPA 2022 Appearance...$14.99 / 6pk
Fancy seeing me here! After all, the place can hardly hold 11% — I’m scraping the rafters. Makes for a good view, and it’s clear when a room needs what I’ve got in spades: fruity, dank, and devilishly hoppy flavor. Your night is looking up. Savor it and don’t blink because I like to vanish in a puff of lupulin dust.
Hoptimum’s 2022 appearance goes to dry-hopping extremes (four doses!) with newer varieties like BRU-1TM for outrageous aromas of pineapple, orange creamsicle, bubble gum, and a cloud of dank. Juicy citrus flavor shines through the lighter malt body of this Triple IPA, and a crisp finish at 11% ABV is basically sorcery — must be Hoptimum’s devilish side.

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