Monday, May 16, 2022

Transcontinental Rum Line

"Exciting news - my favorite rum distributor just let us know that three of the newest lines from Transcontinental Rum Line just hit MO and we picked up the first set of bottles. We have #16, #17, and #18 to offer to you today. 
Brief background for those unfamiliar: TCRL is the house brand for La Maison & Velier, the same importer-distributor who brings to us the beautiful Hampden rums and my favorite Haitian Clairins. TCRL is from the French arm of the company, La Maison du Whisky, and they're big into information & transparency on their bottles, which I very much appreciate. And in the spirit of transparency, their rums are all guaranteed no added sugar or color, ever. 
Each of the three rums (and pretty much all the lines they release) are aged first where they are made, then aged further and bottled in France."  -- Austin (Forsyth Rum expert)

The Transcontinental Rum Line is inspired by rum casks’ historical trips between the New World and the Old Continent. From the beginning of its production, rum has always been shipped to Europe for nautical, economical and technical reasons.
Nautical, because it permitted to avoid stagnant water consumption during long transatlantic crossings.
Economical, since the angel share is lower and the rum matures more smoothly.
Technical, because the know-how of Cognac and Scotland’s cellar masters plus the diversity of barrels allowed to create unique expressions.

Transcontinental Rum Line Panama 8 year old...$54.99
  • Distilled in 2011
  • Bottled in 2019
TCRL #18 was produced in Panama, aged 7 years in situ and an additional 1 year in Europe for an 8 year age statement. This one is 100% column still, 100% American oak, and bottled at 43% abv. 

Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 5 year old...$51.99
  • Distilled in 2014
  • Bottled in 2021
TCRL #17 was produced in Australia, and is a small batch blend (actually small batch, ~1800 bottles total). Part of the blend is aged 3 years in Australia and 2 years in Europe, and the other part is aged all 5 years in Australia. 5 year age statement. 100% pot still, with a mix of US & French oak, and bottled at 48% abv.

Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica 5 year old...$54.99
  • Distilled in 2013
  • Bottled in 2018
  • Navy Strength 56.8% abv

TCRL #16 was produced in Jamaica by Worthy Park, aged 3 years in Jamaica and then 2 years in Europe, for a 5 year age statement. 100% pot still, 100% American oak, and bottled at "navy strength" 56.8% abv.

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