Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sidonio de Sousa - Reserve White

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2019 Sidonio de Sousa - Reserve White....on sale.....$13.99
Was $17.99

The white grapes of the Bairrada strike again.
The Sidonio de Sousa Reserva White completes this family of wines. Concocted with most of the same grapes used to make the sparklings (Bical, Maria Gomes, and Cerceal), this dry, still, white comes together to delight our palates.

Beautiful, crisp, lemony acidity with a nutty round supple mouth feel showcase the beauty and ageability of the region’s white wines. Fantastically mineral, with a hint of sea salt (hello, Atlantic ocean), this white is a brilliant round-off for the Sidonio de Sousa clan

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