Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Sierra Nevada Little Things Party Pack

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Sierra Nevada Little Things Party Pack...$16.99 / 12 pack mix
The Little Things have something for everybody. Do you love the original Hazy, Are you a little wild? Looking for that bold ABV? or excited to try the new, refreshing Sunny? Now we have just the thing to bring the party to your party! Four styles, twelve cans, endless good times. What’s Your Thing?

New Variety pack includes...

Wild Little Thing
This slightly sour Wild Little Thing has just the right smack of tartness for serious refreshment, while guava, hibiscus and strawberry lend fruity-sweet depth and a bright pop of color.

Big Little Thing
Make way for the Big Little Thing, an imperial IPA flexing a full malt body, restrained sweetness, and tropical hop flavors of mango, grapefruit and tangerine.
Hazy Little Thing
Juicy hops and silky malt meet in a Hazy Little Thing with fruit-forward flavor, modest bitterness, and a smooth finish.

Includes this NEW beer...only available in this pack
Sunny Little Thing
Bask in the sunny little thing, a wheat ale made with citrus for radiant flavor that’s bold yet easy going, and balanced by a soft and smooth finish.

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