Monday, December 20, 2021

Darroze Unique Collection Armagnac

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Darroze Unique Collection Bas-Armagnac
In the Armagnac region, when one decides to sell a product in its original vintage, the law requires a minimum of 10 years ageing in oak barrels.
The desired balance between flavours, tannins and alcohol is actually reached after 15 years. We bottle only when we receive an order so as to maximize the ageing phase. Indeed, once bottled and unlike wine, Armagnac no longer ages (this is true of all spirits)

1967 Darroze Domaine de Lamarquette Bas-Armagnac...$449.99
49.6% ABV
Matured 48 Years in oak barrels
Bottled in April 2015
Unique Collection
Domaine de Lamarquette has belonged to the Martres family for generations; a member of the most recent generation is also a well known French economist. The estate is located west of the Bas Armagnac terroir, on the edge of the Landes forest. The union of tawny sandy terroir and the baco grape produces particularly fine Armagnacs.

1986 Darroze Chateau de Lahitte Bas-Armagnac...$169.99
46.5% ABV
Unique Collection
Matured 34 years in oak barrels
Bottled in October 2020

1983 Darroze Domaine de La Gardenne Bas-Armagnac...$199.99
50% ABV
Matured 37 years in Oak Barrels
Bottled in October 2020
Unique Collection

M. Duffour retired a few years ago but kept his precious casks of Armagnac. We selected his Armagnacs in 2014 and are proud to offer Armagnas of such character to our customers.

1993 Darroze Domaine de Salie Bas-Armagnac...$169.99
49.5% ABV
Matured 27 Years in Oak Barrels
Bottled October 2020
Unique Collection
Grape varieties : 100% Baco

Domaine de Salié is in the village of le Frêche, in the heart of the ‘Grand Bas Armagnac’ area, near the terroirs of Domaine de Pinas, Jouatmaou, Coquillon and Guillemouta. For the last decade or so, Gilles Sarraute has been looking after the vines and turned to organic farming in 2008.

2004 Darroze Domaine de Monturon Bas-Armagnac...$129.99
49.1% ABV
Unique Collection
Aged 15 Years in Oak Barrels
Bottled in April 2019
Grape varieties : 100% Baco

For years, Mr. Bachala was a lion tamer in the Zavatta circus before turning his hand to armagnac production in the late ’70s. The humid conditions in his ageing cellars have contributed to the fact that his armagnacs have a lower alcohol level.

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