Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Kelt Cognac

Kelt Cognac Blenders Expedition Cask Strength Cognac....$89.99
Rare Cask Strength
Kelt Barrel Strength is unprecedented within the Cognac industry. A first of its kind, giving an aperture into aging process, some may question why. Why change 400 years of tradition? Our Master Blender Jeffrey Karlovitch thinks perhaps 400 years is long enough.

51.3% ABV

Kelt Grande Champagne Cognac Tour de Monde Commodore...$89.99

KELT Commodore is the most recent addition to the KELT range. It is the first addition since the retirement of our founder Mr. Kelt and as such a true test of whether the philosophy of uncompromising attention to detail, quest for excellence and genuine quality of Mr. Kelt has been passed on to the successors who have been under his tutelage for over 20 years.
We are happy to announce that the KELT Commodore won Double Gold and best cognac of 2015 at the WSWA competition. It seems that we are maintaining the course set by Mr. Kelt and he has let us know that he is most pleased.
The KELT Commodore attempts to combine the most interesting qualities of a Grande Champagne VSOP, Napoleon and XO. The blend is extremely complex and depends heavily on the barrel selection for the Ocean Maturation.
Once the blending is completed we embark on the Tour du Monde. This is the legendary 3 month Ocean Maturation exclusive to KELT which brings out hidden qualities in the Limousin oak and rounds off the cognac in a beautiful and unique way making the KELT cognac the smoothest on the market while presenting a remarkably broad pallet of tastes and aromas.
We use our extensive experience and stock of Limousin oak barrels in the most creative way to get the maximum effect from the Ocean Maturation. For our Commodore we use barrels of between 8-15 years of a particular quality and history. The exact composition and details are a closely guarded secret know only to two persons within the company.
The blending and Tour du Monde puts our Commodore squarely in a tasting age of an XO but it still maintains the pleasant vanilla and fruit notes of a younger cognac.

Kelt Cognac Serendipity...$59.99
Finished in Sauternes Barrels
Non Chill Filtered
Our Cognac is extra matured in exquisite Sauternes wine barriques from top rated Sauternes vineyards in France

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