Sunday, May 16, 2021

Single Malts of Scotland

Single Malts of Scotland Imperial Distillery 23 Year Old...$299.99
  • Distilled: 23.04.1997
  • Bottled 21.07.2020
  • 151 bottles produced
NOSE: Fragrant apple slices emerge, with custard biscuits and ice cream cone wafers. Stewed pear arrives next, followed by sugared doughnuts and fresh birch wood.
PAL ATE: Sweet and treacle-like – sticky toffee pudding and juicy green grapes coat the palate. Rhubarb sorbet and a wedge of nectarine offer a tartness, rounded off by Mexican vanilla.
FINISH: Rosemary lasts on with refreshing watermelon, succulent nectarine, and some kaffir lime leaves.

Single Malts of Scotland An Orkney Distillery 14 Years Old...$129.99
  • Distilled: 21.05.2006
  • bottled: 26.08.2020
  • Cask Hogshead
  • 308 bottles produced

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