Friday, April 30, 2021

Oak & Eden

Two new expression from Oak and Eden!

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew...$44.99
Bourbon & Brew begins with Oak & Eden’s award-winning Bourbon whiskey. Once distilled, we age our Bourbon for two years in new barrels made of American oak producing a rich, deep yet sweet spirit. We bottle this Bourbon at 90 proof.
Now that our masterpiece is bottled, the work of finishing begins. Unlike traditional finished whiskey, we do not rest our whiskey in a secondary cask, but finish our whiskey in-bottle. We do this by placing a 5” long spiral-cut piece of wood, cut from the same species of wood as the finishing barrel into our bottle. In Bourbon & Brew, we cut a Spire from French Oak, porous and rich, containing nearly twice the amount of natural botanicals as American Oak, creating a rich, deep, silky finish.
Before we infuse the Spire of wood into West Oak Cold Brew Coffee, we expose it to fire, toasting the wood to a perfect degree that will produce a finish that is deep and rich with subtle notes of fruit and vanilla.
West Oak Coffee, based in Denton, TX, has made a name for itself in the craft coffee world, roasting some of the finest coffees found in America. We partnered with West Oak to create Bourbon & Brew, using Delagua Coffee from Colombia. Before bottling, we infuse the Spires into this rich, savory cold brew, giving a sweet, delicate dark chocolate & coffee finish, unlike anything else.

Oak & Eden 4 Grain & Spire...$39.99

4 Grain & Spire
Torched Oak

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