Monday, April 5, 2021

Col. E.H. Taylor TWCP Single Barrel release

TWCP/Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond (Yield was 210 bottles)
One part of the release - we will be offering DOUBLE WRC POINTS towards the Col. E.H. Taylor release on purchases of any of our single barrels in stock now. They will counts as double points - April 1st-April 30th. For April raffle only.
Click here to see our current TWCP single barrels in stock

The bulk of the Col. E.H. Taylor TWCP Single Barrel release will go through our April Raffle via Whiskey Reward Club

But some will be used to celebrate the opening of our newest location!

TWCP/Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond
Barreled October 22, 2010 - so over 10 years old.

It will go through the Whiskey Reward Club at the end of April. You must be a member of our Whiskey Reward Club

We had asked our distributors for special releases to celebrate big changes in TWCP family for 2021. First off, on April 2, we OPENED our new Town & Country location in Lamp & Lantern Village! To help us celebrate, our distributor friends came up with a Single Barrel of Col. E.H. Taylor!!!. A few bottles of this super rare E.H. Taylor as well as some other amazing bottles will be reserved for patrons of our new store via a special raffle (don’t worry if that’s not the store you frequent—the majority of the bottles will still go through our normal BRC and WRC raffles).

We will do a raffle for a chance to purchase these items below in celebration of the opening of our new location in Lamp and Lantern.

From April 2nd through April 30th at 7pm. Your purchases at our New Location only will count towards this raffle. For every $50 dollars you spend at our new Lamp and Lantern location during the month you will get an entry into the raffle. Both the BRC and WRC releases will be based on total purchases - wine, beer, liquor, cheese, nuts, candy....

Through the BRC
  • Side Project TWCP 2020 Derivation (3 bottles)
  • Side Project Shared Barrel Aged Ambiente (3 bottles)
  • Perennial TWCP Maman 2021 (6 bottles)
  • Main and Mill TWCP Barrel Aged Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout (4 bottles)
  • Heavy Riff Dear Agony Knob Creek Barrel Aged (4 bottles)Through the WRC
Through the WRC
  • Col. E.H. Taylor TWCP SINGLE Barrel (6 bottles)
  • Weller TWCP Full Proof Single Barrel (1 bottle)
  • Weller Antique 107 Bourbon (1 bottle)
  • Blantons Bourbon (6 bottles)
  • Blantons TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon 375ml (1 bottle)
  • Weller Special Reserve Bourbon (6 bottles)
We know some of you will miss our location at Clayton Rd. & Baxter which closed March 27, but we look forward to welcoming you just down the road at Lamp & Lantern!
Also on tap for 2021 is a planned project for a new store in South Hampton. Some of you may recall we hit a roadblock opening that location last year, but we are still working hard on the project and will save some of the E.H. Taylor for that opening!

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