Monday, January 25, 2021

New 2018 Bordeaux Rouge - Great Value!


The great 2018 Bordeaux vintage!!
"I can tell you that 2018 is an exceptional year for Bordeaux wines." -- James Suckling

"These are likely to be high impact wines." -- Decanter Magazine on 2018 Bordeaux

"2018 Bordeaux...many believe the potential quality of the wines could be on par with classic vintages such as 1990, 2005 and 2010." -- Rated 95-98/100 for the Vintage as a whole by The Wine Spectator

New 2018 arrived!

2018 Heritage Familial Cotes de Bordeaux Rouge...$15.99
This is a fantastic value made by a great Bordeaux Family- Franc de Ferriere. The family vineyard is located to the east of the Bordeaux wine region, about 25 minutes from Saint-Emilion. Wines of the Franc de Ferriere family originate from a unique area on the hills of the Dordogne river, giving the appellation all of its originality and grace.
Cultivating mainly Merlot and Cabernet varieties for the red and Sauvignon Blanc for the white, Wilfrid and his team do their utmost to produce quality wines reflecting the potential of our terroir.  Our philosophy and practices are constantly evolving in order to produce wines that are unique, elegant and full of flavours.

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