Saturday, October 3, 2020

La Luna Mezcal

La Luna Mezcal Bruto...$92.99
20-25 year agave
Only 75 cases produced
 These wild and huge agave are of the inaequidens family, harvested in the hills just past Etucuaro. These massive agaves have low brix and yield, and due to those complexities in working with Bruto we had to inoculate the fermentation from Pulque made from this same maguey. For each vat of 1000 liters we fill it to about 800 liters of bagazo and water and use 20 liters of pulque for the inoculation. Some expressions of this have been brought up as Alto from Michoacan, but both in Cotija, where my family is from and where we have one of our new vinatas, and in the area of Querendaro they refer to it as Bruto.
Aroma- leather, tobacco, blueberries, soil
Flavor- sweet agave, bitter roots
Mezcalero - Adan Perez & Edgar "Jigy" Perez

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