Monday, September 28, 2020

Side Project TWCP 2020 Derivation

Round 1 emails have gone out -- 
check your email - more will go out tomorrow

I had asked everyone to respond to the email.  So later in the day I will update this list with those that do not respond to make sure you do not miss it.

Some emails are missing or got kicked back -
If you think this is you - email and I will check it out and this will give me your correct email.

Side Project TWCP 2020 Derivation...$80 / bottle

" off blend of Double Barrel Derivations was brewed in 2016 and aged in TWCP store pick bourbon barrels. We then finished the mature BA stout in Willett Bourbon and VSOP Cognac barrels for another aging before selecting a final blend that exemplifies the Derivation name"

It will go through our BRC

Always mixing it up a little bit - we will release it in multiple ways.
Most will go via the BRC Beer Reward Club.  

 It will be based on 6 months purchases through September 27th, 2020
  • Part will be released based on beer only purchases
  • Part will be released based on all purchases (beer, wine, whiskey, cheese, candy, vodka, tequila...)
  • No shipping, local pick up only

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