Friday, August 7, 2020

Stone Ruined Again Triple IPA

Stone Ruined Again Triple IPA...$15.99 / 6pk can
10.8% ABVIn 2002, we introduced Stone Ruination IPA (and its imposing 100+ IBUs) as the first year-round West Coast double IPA on the planet. Then in 2012, in commemoration of its 10th anniversary, we introduced a new beer that would grow to be known as Stone RuinTen Triple IPA. Now, we’re bringing that back in all its over-the-top, cranked-to-11, maximum hoppy splendor, using every brewing technique in our arsenal to squeeze every last bit of magic out of a truly staggering amount of hops. It’s been 18 years of beautifully bitter evolution, and this stage dive into a mosh pit of hops is bigger and bitter-er than ever. Don’t call it a comeback.

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