Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sufferfest Beer

Owned by Sierra Nevada

Sufferfest Beer Company Shred Koslch....$9.99 / 6pk cans

95 cals + 5 carbs per serving
It's all about balance. Weighing in at 95 cals & 5 carbs per can, the Shred Kolsch drinks like a champ. We’ve added cayenne and honey so you can enjoy full flavor and aromas while you keep it light.

Sufferfest Beer Company Assorted....$9.99 / 6pk mix

Includes 2 of each
Sufferfest Head Start
Stout with Equator Coffee and Coconut Water Added
Ready, set, stout! Rich in flavor but light in calories, our Head Start Stout is surprisingly versatile.

Sufferfest Gut Check
IPA Brewed with Apple Cider Vinegar
Inspired by those who seize the day, Gut Check is a low-cal IPA whose full body teems with flavor. Apple cider vinegar lends a bright tang, citrus aroma, and kick to match your grit. You bring the guts, we'll bring the glory.

Sufferfest FKT
Brewed with salt + black currant
For that finish line moment, our FKT (Fastest Known Time) Pale Ale gives you the flavor and richness you deserve. Brewed with salt and black currant, FKT's select ingredients kick up the flavor

We’re athletes who love beer.
In 2012, Founder and CEO Caitlin Landesberg started her search for the perfect beer to cheers with friends after long trail runs in and around San Francisco… but didn’t find a beer that fit the bill when it came to celebrating her athletic lifestyle and diet. So, taking matters into her own hands, Caitlin spent years developing the beer she wanted to see in the world. After teaming up with an all-star brewmaster to perfect her recipes, Caitlin started to share her beer with friends and fellow trail runners. In late 2015, Caitlin left her job to pursue Sufferfest Beer Company full-time and officially launched her beer to market in May 2016. In 2017, Sufferfest Beer Co. obtained B Corp certification, underlining our commitment to changing our world for the better. Sufferfest can be found at retailers, restaurants, run and bike shops, climbing gyms and CrossFit boxes throughout California, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest (hint: we're growing and hoping to launch in your state in late 2019!)

Today, although we’ve grown, we're still a team of fun-loving wanderlusts, thrill-seekers, and go-getters who love to sweat for our beer. Whether you crushed it on the trails, had a big win at the office, flexed your weekend warrior, or shredded the gnar, you deserve a cold one. From us to you: go hard, have fun, and enjoy the sufferfest.

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