Friday, March 6, 2020

Mezonte Mezcal

Mezonte is an organization dedicated to the dissemination, support and preservation of traditional agave distillates, whether through tastings, information, videos, informational stationery, trips to mixing zones, articles, or some other method.
The objective is that the people understand the cultural and biological value that these mezcals represent. We do it with all possible regions of Mexico but we give special attention to the areas of Jalisco and Michoacán because we are also interested in fostering the support of projects and consumption of regional products.

Mezonte Jalisco Santo Jaurez Mezcal...$139.99

Mezonte Tepe Aciano Mendoza Mezcal...$146.99

Mezonte Raicilla Japo Hildegardo Joya Mezcal...$143.99

Mezonte Michoacan Jorge Perez Mezcal...$146.99

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