Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cheese Features

We are featuring these two cheeses this week - come in for a taste

Bruder Basil Smoked (Naturally Smoked)
Bruder Basil Semi-soft, pasteurized cow milk, brick shaped loaf. Creamy paste has few lacey holes and the finish is smokey. Nice served with beer as a table cheese or makes an excellent melting cheese.

Drunken Goat
What is there not to love when two of your favorite things, wine and cheese, are combined into one delicious bite? Drunken Goat cheese (Murcia Al Vino) is a crowd-friendly, always popular, goat cheese from Spain, where you might see it called queso de cabra al vino. The purple rind comes from bathing in red wine, which also gives the cheese a slightly fruity flavor. The flavor is also sharp and tangy, but in a very mellow, "I want everyone to like me" sort of way. For those who don't like goat cheese, Drunken Goat is very much un-goaty.

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