Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Exciting news for Whiskey lovers


The Wine and Cheese Place is excited to welcome DAVE DAVIS to the team at our Forsyth location. Dave is a Whiskey savant and also has a deep knowledge of wines and cheeses. Many of you know him as Dave “The Whiskey Dude” — he has helping STL whiskey fans find the perfect dram for 20 years at a few local shops. Whiskey is his true calling and he loves to talk about it (sometimes you can't shut him up about it—jeez dude, can't you talk about anything else, the weather? something??).

Anyway, come on over to our Forsyth location and say hello to Dave (he is off on Tuesdays).  He's easy to find in the shop...he’s always wearing an Oakland A's hat (we’re giving him a pass on that) or Blues cap!
you can email him at

Dave will also be behind our NEW TASTING BAR scheduled to open at our Forsyth location – we’ve christened it “THE (IN)FAMOUS BAR”. If you didn’t know, we are located IN an old FAMOUS & BARR! 

you can email him at
We are also more than thrilled to announce that DILLON HEITERT has been promoted to be the manager of our Chesterfield store! Many of you already know Dillon from our Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, and Forsyth stores—and you realize that the kid knows and loves his whiskey. Dillon’s passion for whiskey started when he went to his grandparents’ house for the holidays as a boy. His grandfather was a liquor distributor for Seagrams and Kessler. Though his grandad passed away before Dillon was born, his grandmother proudly displayed his collection of whiskey paraphernalia, and it fascinated Dillon. When he finally turned 21, Dillon went straight for Scotch and has been building his knowledge ever since!

Dillon started as a customer at our Creve Coeur location, and we are so proud to see him work and learn his way to his new position! Please visit Dillon and tell him congrats!

With team members like Dillon and Dave, it no secret why The Wine & Cheese Place is where STL’s true whiskey lovers go to explore their favorite drink! 

P.S. Whiskey classes will be scheduled in our new tasting room at the Forsyth location in the very near future, so keep your eyes glued to our new classes and events page on the website!!!

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