Monday, April 29, 2019

Shared Brewing Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes

April Raffle!
Emails went out yesterday!
Check your email BRC members!

Shared Brewing Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes...$39.99 / 750ml
It will be released through the Beer Reward Club.
We are releasing 12 bottles this month.  Emails will go out April 28th or 29th.

How to get a bottle --
Must be a member of our BRC program in order to get these bottles to our regular customers.

  • 6 bottles will be sold based on a weighted raffle. For every $50 you spend on beer during the month you will get a raffle ticket for chance to purchase a bottle.  Based on purchase from April 1st - April 27th.
  • 6 bottles will go through a weighted random drawing of everyone in the BRC that purchased a bottle of Side Project Merci of the current batch going back to its release in September 2018 until April 27th, 2019. For each bottle you purchased it will count as a raffle ticket. This way we can reward Side Project supporters.

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