Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tipperary Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

Tipperary Watershed Single Malt Irish Whiskey...$54.99
1,702 bottles produced from this batch
Second USA Edition
47% ABV
Only six first-fill bourbon casks are chosen for each batch of Watershed, carefully selected by Malt Master Stuart. After being cut to 47% with Ballindoney fresh water, each bottle is numbered individually so that each one is special.

‘Watershed’ is the first whiskey to be cut to 47% with water from the Ballindoney farm outside Clonmel from which Tipperary Boutique Distillery operates. The land at Ballindoney has been farmed by Jennifer’s fiancĂ© Liam’s family – the Ahearns – (also co-founders) for over 200 years. The Farm lies on a plain of land sheltered by the Galtee, Knockmealdowns and Comeragh mountains, with fresh water flowing down to be collected and used to cut their Watershed whiskey.

Tasting notes for Watershed include the following observations – the nose opens with strong vanilla and sweet fruit notes followed by hints of grain. Black pepper rises on the pallet, overtaken by vanilla fudge and just a trace of raisins. The smooth finish of Watershed is warm and comforting, just like honey on warm buttered toast.

Tipperary Knockmealdowns Single Malt 10 Year Irish Whiskey...$79.99
Aged 10 Years
1,800 bottles produced from this batch
First USA Edition
47% ABV
‘Knockmealdowns’ honours the Knockmealdown mountain range, which straddles the border between County Tipperary and Waterford and overlooks the Ahearn Farm. A particularly picturesque spot, the Knockmealdowns mountains are home to the ‘Vee’, a V-shaped turn on the road up Sugarloaf Hill. A number of stories relate to a stunningly beautiful lake close to the Vee called Bay Lough. Local legend tells that the lake is bottomless and the waters haunted by an unfortunate woman called ‘Petticoat Loose’ who was banished there to empty the lake with a thimble.
‘ Knockmealdowns’ is one of the Tipperary Boutique Distillery’s new ‘Mountain Range’ – a series of older whiskies celebrating the land in County Tipperary. ‘Knockmealdowns’ is created from only six casks and matured in Ireland for 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels. The whiskey is cut to 47% with water from Ballindoney Farm. The nose opens with fresh oak, developing into hot caramel sauce with notes of chocolate and vanilla. The pallet is light and smooth – sweet honey cut through with citrus notes, then becoming savoury and peppery. The finish lingers, oaky with drying tannins and just a touch of ginger spice. Like Watershed and the Rising, each bottle of Knockmealdowns is individually numbered.

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