Friday, June 8, 2018

Vermouth Tastings!

A few years back we went Mezcal crazy with a bunch of tastings to help educate people about Mezcal. This year is the year of the Vermouth for The Wine and Cheese Place.  Why, because we want to!  We are excited about Vermouth and have an amazing selection and want to share it with you. 
Vermouth is not just an afterthought in a Martini.  Vermouth can be the STAR of your summer drink.   If you have a good bottle of Vermouth, just pour it on the rocks with some club soda and an orange slice and you will be surprised how refreshing this drink is!  

Huge selection at Forsyth - getting descriptions up on each one on the shelf for your reading pleasure!

We have two tastings set up at our Forsyth location already!Save the date!
TONIGHT --- Friday June 8th Vermouth Tasting from 4-5:30
Scheduled to taste - subject to change

  • Partner Vermouth - US
  • La Quintinyne Royal Rouge - France
  • La Quintinyne Royal Blanc - France
  • Lacuesta Edicion Vermut Blanco - Spain
  • Lacuesta Edicion Limitada - Spain
  • Mancino Secco - Italy
  • Mancino Rosso Amaranto - Italy
  • Giacomo Borgogno Chinato

Save the date!
Friday - June 15 Vermouth/Aperitif Tasting

Come try a few!
List subject to change, but this is what we are planning right now...

  • Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • Dolin Blanc Vermouth
  • Miro Rojo Vermut
  • Cocchi Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro
  • L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Quinquina Blanc
  • L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Quinquina Rouge
  • Cappelleti Aperitivo
  • Cardamaro Vino Amaro

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