Sunday, July 22, 2018

Girvan Patent Still Single Grain

Great new prices!

Girvan Patent Still Single Grain Scotch Whisky....$29.99
Was $41.99
In 1963 our fi rst Girvan Patent Still ran with spirit. Almost three decades later in 1992 we installed a pioneering new still which we named ‘No. 4 Apps’ – a distillery term for ‘apparatus’.  This unique still, operated under a vacuum, permits distillation at low temperatures. Delivering a pure, vibrant and fruity single grain spirit, ripe for maturation in our vanillin rich American Oak.  This unique single grain whisky is distilled from two multi-pressure stills – No.4 and No.5 Apps. The vacuum distillation, at low temperature, creates a pure, fruity and intense spirit perfect for maturation in vanillin rich American Oak.
The result is Deliciously Diff erent.

Girvan Patent Still 25 Year Old Single Grain Whisky...$299.99
The Girvan Distillery fi rst ran with our fl edgling spirit back in 1963. Our unique Continuous Distillation creates a delicious spirit full of a rich intensity. Filled to American White Oak our whisky’s soul is forged from wood & mellowed by time. Naturally golden amber in colour – this is Single Grain Whisky at its fi nest. Notes of honey, toff ee, vanilla & caramelised fruits. It is, quite simply, Deliciously Diff erent single grain whisky.

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