Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hampden Estate Jamaican Rum Fire

Hampden Estate Jamaican Rum Fire...$24.99
Overproofed Rum
126 proof
Hampden launches the long awaited Trelawny JB of antiquity, a truly legendary rum under the brand name Rum Fire.
Indeed an historic moment in Jamaican rum history, Hampden releases the quintessential Trelawny JB. The white rum that has been in circulation for decades is now available on the retail market. Already, the region is ecstatic about it's release to the local market and companies have expressed great interest in partnering with Hampden for the distribution of Rum Fire. It is therefore with great pleasure that Hampden releases this truly authentic, historic, smooth, vibrant renegade rum. It is the rum that Jamaica has been waiting for. Rum Fire, ask for it, experience it and as always, drink responsibly. 

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