Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hazelburn new releases

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Hazelburn Campbeltown Single Malt Barolo Cask 9 Year Old...$99.99
  • 57.9% ABV
  • 6 years in First Fill Bourbon Barrels
  • 3 years in Refill Barolo Wine Hogsheads
  • Distilled June 2007
  • Bottled October 2016
  • 10,800 bottles produced
Having first been distilled in 1997, Hazelburn is the newest whisky to be produced here. By using malt that is air dried only and distilling the whisky three times in our old copper stills, we achieve a spirit that is light, fruity and subtle. Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the distilleries of Campbeltown’s past.

Hazelburn Campbeltown Single Malt 10 year old...$59.99
46% ABV
Rich in flavour, our Hazelburn 10-year-old is awash with scents and flavours that will delight.

Nose:  Stewed pears and baked apples are followed by honeycomb and fudge notes.
Palate:  A lovely and rich whisky with vanilla and honey flavours, liquorice follows with a refreshing zestiness.
Finish:  A refined milk chocolate cream finish that is oily and chewy.

Hazelburn Campletown Sherry Wood 13 Year Old...$99.99

  • Triple Distilled
  • Oloroso Sherry Wood
  • Distilled October 2013
  • Bottles March 2017
  • 12,000 bottles made
Our Hazelburn Sherry Wood, always bottled at cask strength, is released annually in small quantities after being matured in varying types of sherry cask.

The 2017 release is 13 years old, matured in Oloroso Sherry casks and bottled at 47.1%.

Nose:  Initially raisins, marzipan, Demerara sugar followed by treacle, sticky toffee and wood shavings.
Palate:  Homemade strawberry jam, sugary and filled with cream, orange zest, brandy snaps and a white chocolate creme brûlée.
Finish:   Chocolate orange, creamy coffee liqueur, buttered popcorn, cocoa beans and mocha coffee with a delicate finish of sweet orange marmalade.

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