Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hemme Brothers Creamery from Missouri

Hemme Brothers Creamery!

Sweet Springs, Missouri
"Almost 20 years ago, Dad saw an opportunity. Not in cheese, but in milk. He and Mom went from raising pigs to raising cows. They started a dairy without much experience, but they’re not the types to shy away from the unknown. They listened and learned and learned some more, and raised our family in the process.  It wasn’t until we started to have families of our own that Dad saw another opportunity. He decided to take a second leap into the unknown, but this time with cheese.  We opened up the doors of Hemme Brothers Creamery in 2016 to make handcrafted cheese that’s better from the beginning. Our cheese is rooted in goodness and rooted in family. Because that’s where it starts – with family. We take farmstead a bit further, from crop to cream to curd. From our farm to your table.
They say cream rises to the top.
Well, so do creameries.
Welcome to Hemme Brothers. Where we make today even better." -- Hemme Brothers

In stock now at all 4 locations

Hemme Brothers Quark
German Style Quark
Is it ironic that a German cheese wins an American award? Nah. Our German-style Quark is creamy, mildly tangy and wonderfully spreadable – and the American Cheese Society Winner for Fresh Unripened Cows’ Milk Cheese.

Hemme Brothers Applewood Smoked Aged Cheddar
Pitmaster meets cheesemonger. We smoke-cure our buttery cheddar with the same fruitwood the pros choose for slow smoking ribs and brisket.

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