Saturday, September 9, 2017

Plantation Vintage Rums

2001 Plantation Rum Trinidad...$49.99
Aged 12 years
Alc./Vol. : 42%
Origin : Trinidad
Raw material : Molasses
Distillation : 2003, column
Tropical ageing : 8 years in Bourbon cask, Trinidad
Continental ageing, elevage : 4 years in Pierre Ferrand cask, Château de Bonbonnet, France

Color : Precious topaz with gold patina.
Nose : Citrus fruit layered with peach and mango introduce an intense sensation. Flowering honey soon emerges from a lightly wooded field of nutmeg and lightly peppered notes.
Palate : Rising fruit notes create a citrus explosion of lemon and pear. Grilled almond, popcorn and paprika complete the evolution.
Result : Intense, spicy, woody.

2002 Plantation Rum Jamaica...$49.99
(aged 13 years)
Alc./Vol. : 42%
Origin : Jamaica
Raw material : Molasses
Distillation : 2002, pot still
Tropical ageing : 10 years in Bourbon cask, Jamaica
Continental ageing, elevage : 3 years in Pierre Ferrand cask, Château de Bonbonnet, France.

Color : Gold patina with amber glints
Nose : Intense and complex, greets with fresh fruit and earthy notes enhanced by a woody luster. Raison notes surface from the gentle distillation.
Palate : Significant and powerful, playing with pastry and fruit notes of peach, banana, prune and walnut. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, clove and vanilla contrast the dance of flavors.

2001 Plantation Rum Barbados...$49.99
Aged 10 Years in Boubon Casks in Barbados
Aged 2 years in Pierre Ferrand Cask in France
Bottled 2015

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