Friday, August 11, 2017

Guotai Legend Baijiu

Guotai Legend Baijiu...$39.99

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Finally available in the U.S.
A bold and exotic flavor with a crisp finish
For the first time, China’s most prestigious variety of Baijiu is available in the U.S. — thanks to Guotai. Its bold, bright and exotic character is brilliant as a straight pour, and also mixes easily with other flavors to create unique cocktails. Among the citizens of its home country and many others throughout Asia, there’s no better way to signal, and elevate, their status with friends, family and business associates. Legend’s spicy bite is ideally served at a lavish dinner, tasting party or commemoration.
Alcohol Content: 43% by volume
Recommended Serve: Room temperature in a liqueur glass

Guotai Premium Lite....$21.99
A refreshingly modern twist on a traditional spirit
Created especially for the modern palate, Guotai Premium Lite is a crisp and refreshing twist on tradition. An exciting new alternative to your usual glass of wine with dinner or craft beer at the club, it distinguishes you as someone of trend-setting taste and knowledge. Premium Lite’s delicate touch, both during and after the occasion, makes it a favorite with 21st century global culture.
Alcohol Content: 18% by volume
Recommended Serve: Chilled in a liquor tumbler

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