Friday, August 11, 2017

TWCP Ballwin Whiskey Tasting Bar

New to the list now...
Weller 12 Year Old Wheated Bourbon....$3 pour
Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend #2....$12 pour

545 bottles made 108.7 proof
Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend:Created by Magnus Master Blender Nancy Fraley, Joseph Magnus "Cigar Blend" Bourbon is artfully blended specifically to drink when enjoying a fine cigar, and is possibly the first bourbon post-Prohibition made expressly for this purpose. A combination of our award winning Joseph Magnus Bourbon, with 11 and 18 year old whiskeys, the Cigar Blend assumes bold, rich aromas of tobacco, spice, leather, vanilla, blanched almonds, and toffee. The Armagnac cask finish lends fruity notes of fig, prune, and dried apricot. To bon vivants and lovers of life everywhere, enjoy the Cigar Blend with your favorite cigar, dark chocolate, and good friends. 

Four Roses OESQ Single Barrel...$5 pour
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 23 Year Old Bourbon...$8 pour
Old Ripy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$7 pour

The Wine and Cheese Place Tasting Bar - Ballwin

14748 Clayton Road, Ballwin MO
Officially open
(You can grab a drink, anytime during store hours.  Depending on the reception, we might keep the store open later on Fridays and Saturdays down the road)

Sit down and have a drink or grab a glass to enjoy while you shop. 

Whiskey:  Check out the extensive list. Our tasting bar offers some rare and exciting whiskeys for you to enjoy. Some of the whiskeys on the list are very limited and are not currently available to purchase by the bottle to go. 

Cheese: check out our award winning cheese department and you can purchase some cheese to go along with your drink.

Wine: We have a selection of half bottles of white wine in the cooler and half bottles of red wine on the shelf if you would like to enjoy a bottle. Or you can purchase any bottle in the store and take the rest home with you if you like also . No corkage fee.

Beer: You can purchase a single bottle/can of beer from the cooler

Subject to change, subject to products selling out as some are very limited.

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