Saturday, July 15, 2017

Peruvian Pisco

Macchu Pisco...$24.99
PeruThe all natural spirit of the Andes
Macchu pisco is our premium line made 100% from the quebranta grape. It is produced all naturally so we innately claim “all the highs without the lows.” characterized by herbal, grassy and earthy notes, it rests for 1 year before being bottled at estate. Rated 94 points at the ultimate spirits 

La Diablada Pisco...$35.99
PeruLa Diablada is our super-premium pisco representing the “acholado” style. It is a blend from a first-class selection of quebranta, moscatel, italia and torontel grapes. La diablada is named after an andean spiritual dance reenacting a legendary fight between angels and demons. 

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